Message From The President
Welcome to the SMD Inc. website and information portal.

We are very proud that our company is now one of the Top 25 Largest Distributors in North America. We are different. We have less than 90 supplier and business partners that we represent. We only have to manage a few things, but we do those really well; in fact better than most of the broad-line distributors. We tend to compliment the big distributors by becoming experts in product lines that they aren’t. Our business continues to grow because we do what we say we’ll do and don’t disappoint our customers, suppliers or our employees.

SMD Inc. has come a long way in the past 30 years. We have added additional commodities and product lines.  Today we stock and support a number of major interconnect and connector suppliers as well as hardware, power components, mechanical devices, cable management products and others. We will continue to expand the supplier and commodity base dependent upon the needs of our customers.

The value we bring to our customers and suppliers is supply chain management solutions.  Over 72% of our energies and inventories are in some form of consignment, bonded, vendor managed, logistics and or auto replenishment programs. We are dynamic, flexible, and work closely with our partners to provide service at its best. Our decision-making is close to the customer and everything we do and every decision we make is related to our customer's satisfaction and serving their needs.

Thanks for visiting us. Give us a chance to prove to you why we are the choice for many already.

Rich Unruh