Message From the President

Our business and the value we bring to our customers and suppliers is supply chain management solutions.  Over 65% of our energies and inventories are in some form of consignment bonded, vendor managed, logistics and or auto replenishment program. This along with our technical and experienced staff are two of our major strengths.

SMD Inc. has a special relationship with Yazaki North America. We are their exclusive stocking distributor for North America, offering their entire catalog of automotive connectors, terminals and other products. We also handle every sample request for the North American marketplace, including all Yazaki customers and Yazaki personnel through our online portal.

We also have grown from one Regional location in Irvine, California to having a National presence with six physical locations including three stocking facilities. In addition, we have Regional sales people located and servicing various customers and markets in Michigan, Chicago, Georgia, Florida, Sacramento and others. All three warehouse hubs are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have an incredible record of on-time delivery and accurate shipment performance. The accuracy, efficiency, and response you'll receive from the staff at all locations is on par with the absolute very best in our industry.

In 2013, we acquired the assets of Prime Electro Products, and Neumann Electronics, two regional distributors in Southern California. In 2017, we acquired both Components Center Inc., and Dalis Electronics, making SMD one of the Top 30 Electronic Component Distributors in North America and moving up the ladder. We are continuing to look at further acquisitions that can add value to our growing list of supplier and customer partners.

The average tenure of an employee at SMD Inc. is now almost 10 years. We provide an environment for our employees that is challenging, safe, and rewarding. You'll find that everyone at SMD Inc. is helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable about our products.

SMD Inc. is growing at an incredible rate. It's been a great ride so far and we have a lot left to accomplish.

I and everyone at SMD Inc., would like to say thank you to all of our business partners.

Rich Unruh
SMD Inc.

Welcome to the SMD Inc. website and information portal. In 1988, our company started out as a leader in surface mount passive component distribution, at a time when the market needed someone to focus on SMT type components. We are still a leader in SMT products and the company now offers a complete line of interconnect, electro-mechanical, and many other types of board level and non-board level components and technologies.

SMD Inc. has come a long way in the past 30 years. We have added additional commodities and today we stock and support a number of major interconnect and connector suppliers as well as hardware, power components and others. We will continue to expand the supplier and commodity base dependent upon the needs of our customers.