SMD Inc. Offers Pentair/Schroff PCB Retainers, Subracks, Cases and Panels
Pentair Technical Solutions is a global leader of systems and solutions that safeguard, among other things, electrical components, communications hardware, and electronic devices. Its premier brands include Schroff, which provides a comprehensive range of standard, modified and custom solutions for communications, medical, security and defense, transportation, energy, infrastructure, commercial and other applications.

The Schroff brand offers a broad portfolio of products including accessories for protecting printed circuit board (PCB) - from card retainers, conduction cooled frames, front panels, and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets, and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems, as well as hardware management solutions.

Choose your printed circuit board hardware solution from a diverse array of Schroff (formerly Calmark and Birtcher) products. Schroff’s PCB retainer portfolio ranges from economic nylon card guides, designed to help align PCB connectors to the backplane, to highly sophisticated Card and Wedge Loks, designed to provide board retention, stiffening and thermal management for high shock and vibration applications. For the most rugged applications, Schroff offers heat frames and clamshell conduction cooled assemblies that offer highest level of physical protection and heat dissipation to sensitive PCB boards. Schroff also offers hardware to assist with PCB insertion, extraction and mechanical keying. Most products can be modified or customized to meet your specific application requirements.
Subracks, Cases and Panels
Schroff subracks and 19” rack-mount chassis offer a flexible platform for Military, Telecom , Transportation and Test & Measurement applications. Many products offer market-leading RFI shielding, and are offered in kits that can be enhanced with plethora of accessories or can be modified using individual components.

Schroff cases are available in portable, desktop, tower and 19” rack-mount designs ranging from small form factor board enclosures to those designed to hold multiple boards. Standard products have a wide variety of compatible accessories and can be customized to your specific application and aesthetic requirements.

Schroff front panels are available in variety of industry standards, sizes, materials and thicknesses, and can be customized with individual cut-outs and prints. Available in kits or piece parts, customers can choose between shielded and unshielded version with variety of insertion and extraction handle types.
To help customers in design process Schroff can offer design assistance supported by downloadable CAD drawings and various test reports such as Shock and Vibration and EMC.
PCB Accessories
Wedge Loks/Card Loks
PCB Tainers/Guides
PCB Inserters/Extractors
Front Panels

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