SMD Enters into Agreement to Purchase Components Center Inc. in Fountain Valley, CA and Dalis Electronics in Phoenix, Arizona.

April 14, 2017 - Irvine, CA - Electronic components distributor SMD Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Components Center Inc, in Fountain Valley, CA.  The agreement also includes their subsidiary, Dalis Electronics in Phoenix, AZ.

Components Center and Dalis Electronics remain as complete entities. They are both divisions of SMD Inc. Currently, all suppliers and customers remain doing business with Components Center and Dalis Electronics. The companies will merge operations over the next 12 to 24 months. Because this is a stock purchase agreement, both companies remain as corporations in their appropriate states and regions. SMD Inc. is now the parent company of both and will remain until further notice.

Components Center Inc. was established and headquartered in Orange County, CA in 1971.  In 1981, the corporation opened a second stocking facility in Santa Clara, to cover Northern California and other markets in the Northwest.  In 1996 they then acquired Dalis Electronics in Phoenix, AZ, which serves Arizona, Southern Nevada, New Mexico, El Paso and Mexico.  Dalis Electronics has been serving these regions continuously for over 60 years.

"This current acquisition brings SMD Inc. a wide complement of employees, suppliers and customers.  At the same time, we bring a unique set of systems, methods and direction to an already solid business model. Together, we will add even more value to all of our business partners, as we continue our expansion in North America," said Rich Unruh, President of SMD Inc.

SMD Inc. is a provider of electronics and electrical components, services, and logistic solutions for industrial manufacturing companies in North America. They offer a wide variety of products from an authorized supplier base. They provide technical and sales expertise on all product lines and commodities. SMD Inc. is a specialized distributor with a focused product offering. This has allowed them to be experts in their supplier's product offerings. SMD Inc. offers supply-chain and logistics solutions to a variety of market segments including energy, medical, industrial controls, defense, automotive and transportation services. They are one of the Top 30 Electronic component distributors in North America.

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Rich Unruh